Universal Teen Patti (ULTP) is a free card game app which can be played by multiple players.
Download the latest ULTP app and win 300,000 FREE CHIPS! Join us with Facebook and get 200,000 FREE CHIPS.
This app is based on the traditional Teen Patti card game which was originated in India. Teen Patti was even played by Kings and Queens in the ancient times, it has been a part of our lifestyle since then. Technology has enabled us to adapt this game in a modern context and made it more flexible and easier.
This version of Teen Patti will let multiple players compete with each other at the same time. The attributes of this game make it enjoyable at every level, unlike the traditional card game, this game lets you enjoy without any involvement of money. At the same time, it gives you the same thrill you get through the real card game.

Awesome Features:

  • Universal Teen Patti is Free.
  • Play online with unlimited number of players.
  • Low data usage, works perfectly on 2G and 3G network.
  • Win 10,000,000 chips by sharing it with your friends.
  • Also win 3000 Bonus chips in every 4 hours and 10,000 chips every 1 hour.
  • Invite your friends from social media and get free chips.
  • It can be played in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Bangla and English.
  • Available in Classic Casino Version with stunning graphics and interface.
  • Can be played in multiple varieties like Open Table, Private Table, Play Joker, AK47, Muflis.

Play Teen patti anywhere Teen Patti

  • 01

    Bigger & Faster

    Universal Teen Patti has one of the biggest user-base across the globe. Even with this humungous database, it works way faster than the other apps due to its mechanics and game packaging content. You can play it with more than 3 million players across the globe.

  • 02

    Instant Play

    ULTP lets you kickstart your game as soon as you install it. You will be given 3,00,000 free chips immediately upon installation. On top of it, you get free chips every 4 hours to make sure you keep going. ULTP is also available in multiple languages, so choose your preferred language and roll.

  • 03

    Play & Win

    Universal Teen Patti is awesomely rewarding and encourages every player to try and win. Be it a private table or public table, this game challenges you to achieve new feats which are bigger every time. You can challenge as many players you want and win as many chips you can.

  • 04

    User Friendly App

    Universal Teen Patti is made for new and sophisticated users both. It is highly intuitive and its interface makes the app very easy to navigate. The self-explanatory designs and modules can even make a technophobic love this app. In addition to that, it can work perfectly on 2G and 3G connections without any disruptions.

Screen designs

Excellent Game Modes

Here you can see it our excellent game modes and enjoy more..

Universal Teen Patti (ULTP) is a free card game app which can be played by multiple players.

Download the latest ULTP app and win 300,000 FREE CHIPS!Join us with Facebook and get 200,000 FREE CHIPS.

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